Strength can defeat one, knowledge, one thousand.
Biliki küchlük birni yënger, bilimi küchlük mingni.
Uyghur Proverb
about rawan mentorship
Our Mission
Cultural and generational barriers of living in exile create disparities in Uyghur youth which may hinder access to resources and knowledge necessary for success. Our goal is to help bridge these gaps in resources, networks, and opportunities.
Webinars and events focused on academic concerns
1-on-1 Mentoring
Selected mentees are paired with mentors based on academic & personal interests to personally guide them
Exclusive Resources
Past essays, resume examples and templates, internship guidance, and more
What We Do
Rawan aims to to empower Uyghur youth through mentorship, connecting them with successful Uyghur mentors who provide guidance, share cultural wisdom, and inspire educational and professional excellence, fostering a strong, supportive community that nurtures future leaders and preserves the rich heritage of the Uyghur people.
What does mentorship look like at Rawan?
our credentials
Rawan has a high-powered team passionate about helping talented Uyghur youth realize the fullest extent of their capabilities.
Our mentors come from places like...
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our endorsements
We work with an amazing network of Uyghur organizations to relentlessly pursue our mission of Uyghur excellence.
Rawan Mentorship is endorsed by:
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We’re constantly looking for new mentors and mentees alike, and we have robust organizational resources to support you.